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Integrated Prescription Solutions (IPS) is responsible for managing prescription drug plans and processing prescription drug claims. We are a pharmacy benefit manager (PBM) and ancillary healthcare services provider. In addition to the pharmacy solutions we provide to our clients, we are also able to support clients with wrap-around services. This includes durable medical equipment, home health services, transportation to medical appointments, translation services when alternate language assistance is desired, radiology, and therapy which includes physical, speech and occupational functions. We provide optimum in-network prescription medication services and ancillary healthcare services and we do so at a reduced cost to our clients. IPS has been an exclusive provider of workers’ compensation pharmacy benefit management services since 2003. We currently have 65,000+ in-network pharmacy providers located throughout the United States. Our ability to serve our clients has continued to expand into online, real-time solutions that contain costs associated with processing rehabilitative claims for the injured. Recent partnerships now allow IPS to also provide transportation services and translation assistance through a single touch point. For more information about us or our services please call or fill out a quick contact form.

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